Troy University


How to submit a form through EchoSign

1. Visit the website of the department in which the form falls under. On the left side of the page you will see a link to “Forms”. Click this link.

2. Find the form you want to submit on the departmental forms page. Click on the respective form.

3. Next you will see the form’s splash page. Review any instructions that are listed for your document and enter the email addresses requested. Now click ‘Click to e-Sign’.

4. This will pull the document up for you to complete. Any blue fields are fillable fields. You are required to complete any fields that are outlined in red. Once you have completed all necessary fields, you will need to click the signature field to sign the document.

5. Clicking the ‘Click to Sign’ field will bring up the signature box. Type your name in box 1. This will place your digital signature in box. Once you are ready to sign the document, click ‘Apply’. NOTE: This signature is not a replication of your actual signature. It is just a placeholder that represents your digital signature.

6. You will now be returned to the document with your signature now applied to the document. Now click ‘Click to eSign’. If all required fields have been completed, you will be shown a message stating that you agreement has now been sent to the next signer to sign. Once the agreement has been completed and signed by all parties involved, you will receive an email with the completely signed document attached. Please note: Just because your document has been completely signed does not mean that your request has been approved. You need to open and review your completed document to determine whether or not it was approved.


If you have trouble filling out the request or have difficulties uploading documentation, please contact IT at or call 334-670-5660.