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(NOTE regarding 1st minor, 2nd minor, and 2nd major:
For associate degrees, the 1st major will be the concentration.
For bachelors degrees, at least one 18 sh minor is required for any 36-40 sh major.
For bachelors degrees, a 2nd major and/or 2nd minor is not required unless it is part of a published double major combination such as in the College of Business degree programs.   Along with your advisor, please refer to the associate and baccalaureate degree parameters in the Degrees and Required Credit Hours section of the catalog to aid you in this selection.  An official program evaluation cannot be created if a ‘complete’ program is not defined. )

While you MUST be admitted to Troy University to request an official academic evaluation, are you also currently enrolled at TROY?

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Your academic evaluation is based on the catalog of the academic year you enter the university, unless you prefer a newer catalog.  If you prefer a newer catalog, indicate the catalog year here, otherwise it will be based on your start date with TROY.

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If you have any questions about how to fill out this form, or questions regarding this request and/or the evaluation process, please contact your campus registrar’s office for assistance.

When completed, a copy of your official academic evaluation will be emailed to your TROY email account, if applicable.  You can also view your program evaluation on Trojan Web Express.  However, evaluations on the web are considered unofficial until they are dated and stamped with a designated academic evaluator’s system identifier, which displays like this: 
April 16 2008  01:00 pm  Jane Doe – Office Name.

It is suggested that an official academic evaluation be requested whenever there is a change of major, minor, catalog, etc.

For questions regarding your completed evaluation, contact information will be printed at the beginning of your evaluation.  If not printed, contact your campus registrar’s office. 

SPECIAL NOTE:  This academic program evaluation will not be prepared until you have been fully admitted and/or all transfer transcripts have been evaluated.