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Name of on site liaison person for day of event. This should be someone who can speak for the guest group but is not busy with program  presentation. The liaison should check in with the Office of University Events or its designee prior of the event.

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Room Space Requested:
(number following is approximate accommodating number - varies depending on room set-up- All changes must be made 7 calendar days before the event.)
Sony (212)     Thomas Harrison Room (115)    Classroom (30-40)       
Michelin Conference Room (18) Quad Courtyard  (1,000)       Rotunda (100)     
Computer Lab (18)       Archivist Conference Room (14)   Interactive Distance Learning Facility (38)  Other 

Setup Requirements: Signs can be placed on stands or easels. No tape is to be used.
  Podium    Tables (how many? )    Table Type: Round Rectangular
  Exhibitor Tables (how many?)   Sign Tripod   Chairs (how many?)     
   Room Layout

Audio/Visual Requirements: In order to accommodate your Audio/Visual needs, all requests must be specific and made at least two weeks prior to each event. Last minute requests are not guaranteed. Equipment will only be operated by TROY personnel.
  TV/VCR    Sound System    Screen             Easel (flip charts and markers are not provided)
  LCD Projector for 
            Internet Access Required   Yes No
  Marker-board (markers are not provided)   Overhead Projector

Personnel Requirements:  (charges additional to space rental)
  Clerical  Lab Technician  Onsite Host Personnel 
  Additional Security (describe)

Will you be serving food? Yes  No   Describe
Ice Required
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We Are a Smoke Free Campus

Once your event has been received and approved, you will receive a confirmation by email after your event is placed on the University calendar. We want your event with us to be a success. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions.
  Troy University, Dothan Campus
   Office of University Events
 Malone 112
(334) 983-6556 x 1-334